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[Fanbook 20.5] St Rudolph's Clubroom.

Note: Summer has translated this from Chinese. So if you spot any glaring mistakes, please correct! Thank you! *bows*

St Rudolph Tennis Club Room
The reinforcement team reports to this room at least once a day! The following would be a complete introduction to the place where the members rest!

(from top to bottom, from left to right)

1. A whiteboard for explaining details. However news is mostly spread by mouth, so Mizuki has taken full control of it.

2. Computer that Mizuki uses to analyse data. Once it's outdated, he would get it replaced.

3. Snacks cupboard. This serves as an important life source for the hungry team members. Stacked full of snacks and cup noodles.

4. Mizuki's personal armchair. (something something, not really sure how to translate this), one won't be tired even after sitting for a long while.

5. Benches and table from the church. They were placed in the clubroom for safeguard during the charity baazar, and after that, they were just left there. Firm woodwork.

6. Laundry. The First Years take turns to wash them. Only Mizuki does his own laundry seperately.

7. Cupboard/Shelf. Because he doesn't like his things to be seen, Mizuki uses his favourite flower-patterned cloth to cover his compartment.

Other translations:
St Rudolph's Letterbox
Mizuki's Bagcheck: Mizuki
I'd like to see what's in Yuuta's bag though... Or maybe duckie's..

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